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-Scott & Emma


Growing up, we built and remodeled 3 homes by the time I was 18 (Scott and his family) .  I began working under a custom cabinet builder at 16 and started a cabinet business at the age of 17.  Repairing problems in homes naturally became my main line of work.  With the exception of a 7 year run in the Land Surveying service, home repairs have been a major part of my life.

Even bigger than home repairs was the Godly influence I received growing up all over Mexico and Central America on the mission field.  From a very early age I got to see lives transformed by the genuine love and power of God, I was able to witness firsthand people being healed of incurable diseases and afflictions.  A true testimony to a God that loves and cares for us deeply.

In 2006 I started a company called “Renovationz” in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.   It has been a very fun experience continuing to learn and experiment in all aspects of home and office repairs.

In 2009, I married Emma who is now my best friend and partner in all of this, and…. the best wife a man could ask for!

So today, we are not just repairing homes, but using our influence to touch lives that we come in contact with by sharing Jesus with many we visit with.  It is never about shoving a religious idea down someones throat but about introducing people to a God that loves them, a Savior that wants to change them and a peace that passes all understanding, and an everlasting life that is truly worth living for.  It’s all about really becoming who God created you to be.  It’s about being in a real relationship with God.

In short, we care deeply for people, and for folks well-being and their standard of living and we encourage people to be diligent in their lives and empower them to be faithful in their own homes so they in turn can bless others.

Emma and I welcome you to our website and hope you are encouraged while you are here!


-Scott McDonald

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