Residential & Commercial maintenance and remodeling

Bathroom Remodel

Finished a bathroom remodel and along with an all new toilet and shower, the customer requested a completely custom countertop. Here is the finished result!

New Deck

Here is a rotted out deck we replaced in an atrium in Grapevine.

Installing a Sign

Sometimes we do out of the ordinary jobs, but when we are able, we hop on it!

   Here we are installing a sign for a church, along with a couple volunteers.

Hanging Chandeliers 

A funny moment hanging Chandeliers.. we have hung many small ones like the ones shown.  Hung larger ones with 3-500 crystals, and even giant iron chandeliers weighing over 250 lbs!

Standard 6 foot French Door

Another French Door we installed.  This one in Fort Worth.

Throwback paint Job

Painting at 5 years old..  Does this mean I have 38 years experience? : )

Christmas Light Season!

Christmas Light Season is upon us!  I will be posting every few days about some fun projects we are working on..


Call us today for a quote on putting up your lights!

Glass Repair

One of my least favorite jobs due to the risk factor is working with glass!  I don’t do it often, but when a window is built a certain way, we can work with it.. And large panes are completely out of the question!!



Today we are working on our sixth storm damage job from severe weather that rolled through a couple weeks ago.  From downed trees to downed fences to missing shingles… We’ve had a bit of everything!


Life Size Angry Birds

Here’s an idea inspired by the crazy-popular Angry Birds…  I thought we came up with something pretty clever, but come to find out…lots of people have done it!


I simply used 4 inch PVC sewer pipe a couple of caps, a couple of elbows and a “T” then spray-painted it brown.


The biggest issue to me was keeping it stable from a lot of use and keeping it from twisting and turning when a lot of pressure was applied.  I decided that using 2 “T” fence posts was the easiest and most cost effective solution.  I used bungee chords to tie it to the slingshot.  The best launching device in our case (water balloons) was a 3 person water balloon launcher.  It turned out to be perfect for 5-10 year olds (and adults) to use!

(Here’s a link to a review on the slingshot)


Here is a better view of the slingshot.  I attached it with 2 large hose clamps on each side for safety.


And here are some pigs about to get clobbered….

The slingshot is now traveling from party to party…

Angry Birds Here

Happy Pig Hunting!

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