Life Size Angry Birds

Here’s an idea inspired by the crazy-popular Angry Birds…  I thought we came up with something pretty clever, but come to find out…lots of people have done it!

IMG_20120504_185455I simply used 4 inch PVC sewer pipe a couple of caps, a couple of elbows and a “T” then spray-painted it brown.

396969_10151079103212835_395982536_nThe biggest issue to me was keeping it stable from a lot of use and keeping it from twisting and turning when a lot of pressure was applied.  I decided that using 2 “T” fence posts was the easiest and most cost effective solution.  I used bungee chords to tie it to the slingshot.  The best launching device in our case (water balloons) was a 3 person water balloon launcher.  It turned out to be perfect for 5-10 year olds (and adults) to use!

(Here’s a link to a review on the slingshot)

553131_10151079102322835_1683114088_nHere is a better view of the slingshot.  I attached it with 2 large hose clamps on each side for safety.

557187_10151079103062835_1656327131_nAnd here are some pigs about to get clobbered….

The slingshot is now traveling from party to party…

Angry Birds HereHappy Pig Hunting!

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