Simple Toddler Stool

Ever wanted a easy solution for your toddler who is continually pulling at your clothes while you are working in the kitchen?

Here’s a design that can grow with your child!

Made completely from repurposed 2×4’s, it features an open front that will fit right up against your countertop and a rail for security.  If your toddler is just starting to walk, a second rail can be added.

The floor is made of ripped down 2×4’s, and the sides are half 2×4’s. 

As your toddler grows, the two outside screws can be loosened and the floor dropped to accommodate your growing child. Later, when you have confidence in your toddlers ability to climb, a step can be added that fits the same design so they can access the stool on their own!

Total cost.. a few wood scraps, a bit of sanding and some paint!

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