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Flooring on the sunken living room

Here is the laminate we installed on top of the sunken living room floor frame from the previous post

Sunken Living Room

We started a project today at a home that has a 320 sq ft sunken living room.
The concern was injury from flalling because of an unexpected step down that no one expects!
We first had to determine the depth we needed to raise the floor and decided to start with  2×4 framing.


We laid out the floor like you would lay out a framed stud wall but also used concrete screws to insure movement would be limited.


After framing the floor, we used decking adhesive and installed 3/4 inch decking.


After the decking, we added another layer of 1/2 inch OSB and it was also glued down.  This added strength and got us to the correct height.
Personally I was thinking of installing a goldfish pond and a fountain, but they would lose their living room…. Oh well… It was a good thought…
Stay tuned… Tomorrow we install laminate flooring on top of the new decking!

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