Coons in the Attic!!

If you ever hear noises in your attic, it’s time to investigate!!
Most popping sounds and creaks come from the house rapidly heating or cooling or from the wind blowing.  However, if you hear scratching or things running around, you could have problems.
The first thing to do is investigate and see that it’s not trees scraping a chimney or roof causing odd sounds.  Tree limbs are another problem altogether that must be addressed immediately.

I received a call last Fall from a customer complaining about something living in his attic, after finding major damage, I decided to stake it out, sit quietly and see what happened.

After only 5 minutes of waiting and sweating, this little guy came out and started playing…then another.
They had done a massive amount of damage to the A/C duct work
Here the A/C Duct was broken apart and much of the air was going into the attic!
Most of the lines had half or more of the insulation missing.
It stunk terribly from the droppings.
We immediately set live traps and called a pest control company.
I found no visible holes around the eves of the roof, but then…

I decided to look under the house, so I took a small machete to probe into dark corners and found an old vent that had come apart that made a perfect tunnel from under the house into the attic…Later I realized there was a flea infestation due to the raccoons….but that’s another story…
It is very important to remove the animals before making repairs, first, you never want an animal to die in an inhumane way, second, if it dies, you will deal with a massive odor problem for many days!

A very cheesy picture I posted to Facebook

as I was about to investigate under the house….

No matter how small the animal, it can cause damage and needs to be dealt with.  I’ve seen wires chewed, soffit and facia chewed, duct work destroyed, flea infestations, strong smells and a ton of other problems from leaving pests unchecked.

Happy Hunting!

NOTE:  Some pest control agencies in my opinion scam people out of thousands of dollars in unneeded repairs and work.  For instance, one company told us we needed to vacuum all the insulation out of an attic and blow in new due to urine in the insulation….a cost of over 4,000 dollars.  Their estimates for repairs of holes and vents was about 5 times more than what a home builder would charge.
  Double-check what they are asking you to do and if you receive an estimate for thousands of dollars, be suspicious, be very suspicious…

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