Hanging Pictures

Hanging pictures can be a much easier job than most people think.  There is a wide variety of products available to anchor your pictures into sheetrock, but only a couple that really work.

Please do not use nails….they are hard to remove without damaging the sheetrock if you hit a stud…

Here is what I recommend..

Coarse threaded sheetrock screw

*  For very small and lightweight objects you want to hang, say up to a pound or so, I simply use a 1-1/4″ sheetrock screw. (shown on the right)  Don’t worry if it doesn’t go in tight, just take care not to strip it out.  Screw it in until only 1/4 to 1/2 inch is left sticking out of the wall and hang your picture…

Anything over a pound and up to 50 or so pounds, I always…and I mean ALWAYS use this product or a similar one that looks almost identical…  It is the strongest and easiest of them all.
Use your sheetrock screw or the screw that comes in the package to initially tap the hole where you want to put it.  One out of 20 times you will get lucky and hit a stud and you won’t need it!!
Use your phillips head screwdriver and stick it into the hole your screw made and wallow it out until the screwdriver easily slides in and out.

Take the “wall driller anchor” (shown in the picture) and using the phillips head screwdriver, screw it into the hole just until the lip is flush.
Lastly, you have one or two options… you can either use the screws provided or if you need a larger headed screw, use a sheetrock screw instead.  Make sure you screw it in until no more than about 3/8 of an inch is sticking out so the anchor locks in place properly.
You can use this for pictures with “teeth” hangers or with wire hangers.

Happy Hanging!!

Here’s an awkward hanging job we did yesterday…
we also hung the deer head and a dozen more pictures..


  1. Andrew you are THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! You always ismerps me! You have A SUPER TALENT! You can capture the most perfect moments and emotions! You are incredible. Fabulous job with yet another totally mind blowing shoot!

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