Mailbox Time!

Here I will focus more on setting up a mailbox on the street rather than a “designer” mailbox..

NOTE:  Make sure you double check with your local postal regulations BEFORE installing a mailbox, some towns have very strict rules on types of posts and boxes.  Height above the road is very important as well.   Many rural areas and addresses on highways require break-away posts.  Sometimes County maintenance will require them coming out to set it for you at their specs.
  When in doubt, match what all your other neighbors did and you should be ok!

Hardware stores have a lot of new products available now that makes setting a mailbox much easier than before.

Here is a “Drive-in” anchor, available at True Value Hardware Click here to view it

Or you can go with the traditional type like the one pictured below that I installed in North Texas.

This set-up cost less than 55 dollars including concrete

If you plan to set one in concrete and it’s allowable in your neighborhood, Dig a hole with a post hole digger to a minimum depth of 18″.   Use 60 lbs of fast-setting concrete so you can set the treated 4×4 in the ground and have it dry quickly.  While it is drying, assemble the mailbox and by the time you finish, the concrete should be hard enough to mount the box.

If you don’t have a saw large enough, most major hardware stores can cut the lumber for you.  Take the measurement the postal service requires and add 18″ to it to set it in the ground at the correct.  If you have a curb in your neighborhood, you will only need to add about 12″ to the length of the post because of the added height of the ground.
Dig the hole, checking your measurements often until you are at the correct height, then level the post and pour concrete around it.

To make your job even easier, you can buy a mounting bracket for the top of the post that is NOT included with mailboxes.  This one is shown at True Value Hardware Here

You can mount a standard mailbox to this bracket and they start out around 25 dollars.

Or you can get creative….

Here’s a link I found this morning for a really fancy mailbox…Happy Mailboxing!

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