My Favorite Drill

One of the benefits from being in the remodeling/handyman business for many years is being able to sample a wide variety of tools!

  I have tried many many cordless drills and this is my favorite so far.  It’s great for daily moderate to heavy use.


Click here for a link to Lowe’s version of this product.

(It is also available in other hardware stores)

The lightweight feel and triple-no-shadow LED lights make this a product that you will never tire of using!  It is also an impact-style of drill and can drive 3 inch drywall screws into a 2×4 with ease.

   It can get quite loud, but the benefits far outweigh the advantages.


I use this adapter, works quite well,

(it is also available in other stores)

I use this chuck for quick-connecting conventional drill bits when needed…

  The only drawback I have ever found is that if you use it more than 30 minutes straight, it can get quite hot in your hand where the skin between your thumb and forefinger meet.  I have come home many times with my skin red from use and now have some pretty good callouses!

  Overall I would highly recommend this product…

Happy Drilling!

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