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Siding repair

Here is a section of siding that was rotting I replaced.  Changed it out, caulked and painted!  This was in Hurst, Tx

False Cedar Beam

Here is a false cedar beam we built in Springtown, Tx.  We used 1×12 cedar planks that were rough-cut to build it and make it look exactly like a solid beam.

Even the Tough Jobs

Sometimes work involves some heavy lifting.  This backyard had only a small entrance, so we had to remove 5 tons of concrete completely by hand!

Installing a Sign

Sometimes we do out of the ordinary jobs, but when we are able, we hop on it!

   Here we are installing a sign for a church, along with a couple volunteers.

Glass Repair

One of my least favorite jobs due to the risk factor is working with glass!  I don’t do it often, but when a window is built a certain way, we can work with it.. And large panes are completely out of the question!!



Today we are working on our sixth storm damage job from severe weather that rolled through a couple weeks ago.  From downed trees to downed fences to missing shingles… We’ve had a bit of everything!


Rotted Floor

If you ever detect soft spots in your floor, it pays to investigate and find what is causing the problem…


In this case, we found a lot of mold and just plain grossness under the top layer of flooring!  It was a very good thing that the house was vacant at the time, because the repairs were extensive.


The entire floor ended up being replaced, new decking was installed and new industrial tile was added


The finished product was not too bad, some of the glue oozed up as it was walked on because the very cold conditions did not allow it to dry for a while, but a little cleaning remedied that problem and it cured after a couple days.

Always check when there may be a problem!!

Rotted Floor Repair

We repaired this rotted floor in a house in Fort Worth.  Water head started leaking under the toilet where a previous contractor had added flooring without removing the toilet.

Starting tearout

The toilet not being removed when the new floor was installed acted like a dam and caused the leaking water to run between the original floor and the newer subfloor without anyone knowing anything about it until the floor started buckling!

Kilz on top

We removed the toilet, cleaned out everything that was rotted or damp, sprayed it down with stain blocker primer (in this case Kilz), then built the floor back up level.


The end result was as if it had never happened!   It’s good to really watch the people you hire to make sure they are properly doing their job, do some research and look to see if they’re following industry standards…


“Happy Cleaning”

-Scott McDonald

Sink Leak

Looking under a sink a few days ago, I found this….


A slow leak had caused the fitting to gradually rust then break.   This is a very easy fix, so below I added a photo of what the parts look like that are needed to make the repair…


In our case,  and in most cases, you do not need to buy the tailpiece, which is the white pipe.  The slip nut can be plastic or in some cases you can use metal as well.  (this only applies to the slip nut that attaches to the bottom of the strainer)

Make sure everything is very clean, remove the tailpiece and slip on the new nut, lay the tailpiece washer in place and tighten HAND TIGHT!!  Check all your slip nuts under the sink and make sure they are snug then test your water and look for leaks…

If water is coming from above the tailpiece washer….you have a whole ‘nother problem and a whole ‘nother blog!!

Happy Plumbing!

Garbage Disposal Find!

Little boys in a clients home decided to clean out their aquarium in the sink…


Problem was, they did it in the Disposal and filled it full of little aquarium rocks!



The disposal had to be removed and flushed to get all the pieces out, but it was saved in the end!   This is not the weirdest thing I have found in a disposal… We have pulled out:

* rocks  * pennies  * dishrag  * fork, yes a fork  * spoon  * toy car  * chicken bones  * broken glass

Remember… The disposal is not a junkyard metal grinder…it’s just a disposal!   : )


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