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Rotted Floor

If you ever detect soft spots in your floor, it pays to investigate and find what is causing the problem…


In this case, we found a lot of mold and just plain grossness under the top layer of flooring!  It was a very good thing that the house was vacant at the time, because the repairs were extensive.


The entire floor ended up being replaced, new decking was installed and new industrial tile was added


The finished product was not too bad, some of the glue oozed up as it was walked on because the very cold conditions did not allow it to dry for a while, but a little cleaning remedied that problem and it cured after a couple days.

Always check when there may be a problem!!

Foundation Repair

While we do not do major foundation repair, sometimes we do minor repairs and leveling to homes that have shifted with the North Texas soil. This house had some floor issues where the beams under the house had shifted and were pushing outward.

The floor was pushing the sliding door and entire wall outward…
We dug far enough down to get under the house…

We used jacks and very long threaded 3/4 inch bolts to attach to solid bracing under the house, and used the power of the bolts tightening against the solid bracing to pull the side of the house back together.   Quite a heavy chore, but it worked!!

Here is the finished product after we filled the dirt back in.  It held itself in place and was a very cost-effective repair…
Happy Digging!!


Here is a backsplash I installed Friday


Started on a sheetrock wall, I sealed the edges with silicone


Starting the customers design


Pulled the plugs out to the front edge of the tile


Grouted it with white pre-mixed grout.  About a 5 hour process

from start to finish.

(Now we hope they paint the cabinets!)

Happy Backsplashing!

Commercial Bathroom Stall Doors

Here’s a project we worked on a few weeks ago.


We set up at night to build new stall doors in the bathrooms,


semi-rustic (whatever that means) but this is what the design

came out looking like…


I decided that using outdoor privacy fence gate hardware would fit

best with the design.

We painted them later with the restaurant colors, it seemed to fit well

with restaurant style.

Happy Privacy!

When Mice Attack!

A rental property left vacant for just a few weeks….

This is pictures I took under the dishwasher.


All the plastic pipes under the dishwasher had been chewed on.


But it even got worse!!

The back of the pump housing was plastic as well, and it had been chewed through in multiple places…the dishwasher was a total loss.

The moral to the story is: rodents and pests can do costly damage even when no one is around and it looks as though everything is cleaned up.  It’s good to have good repellent set about when a house is going to be vacant for a while.  Just the fact that rodents like to come in out of the cold, and must eat to survive, should warn us to keep repellent out to avoid this type of costly disaster.

Happy Hunting!

Closet Ideas

Here’s some ideas from a closet we built.

(Click on a picture to enlarge it)


We used 3/4 inch MDF board only.  We cut it down for bracing, trim, shelves…pretty much everything except the hanging rods was made out of MDF board


 The biggest challenge was extremely small closet space.  We had to get creative to make everything fit. (Plus there was a designer working on this job, that’s where the “creative” came in!)


 Instead of over-cramming stuff, I built a box in the corner and left it empty, dead space.  We only lost that 12″ x 12″ very hard to reach corner.


 We took over the garage for a couple days and used it as a shop…


Here is a finished view before the painters came in…

The shelves on the left are for normal shoes and high-heels.  In the top picture, you can see the shelves on the right that were spaced differently for taller shoes and boots.

The open spaces in the middle are for various length hanging clothes.

The man’s side was similar, but all shelves were custom placed so you could use them from everything from tennis shoes to boots to work boots.

We like to visit Ikea and other large home improvement and furniture stores to get ideas on different styles. It’s so much better to see it in person and see what works BEFORE you pay someone to build it!

We have even had a client that had cut-out cardboard so they could visualize the size of the shelves better!  A great idea!

Happy Closet Building!

Simple Shed Door

Here is an idea for a simple shed door, we built this a couple weeks ago to replace an old rotted door.


We only used one sheet of plywood siding and 8-1×4’s

I install these with the same 1×4 layout on the back as well as the front.  Then I use coated 1-5/8 inch screws through the front and back.  This gives it more stability but it is still not really heavy.

One of the neat things about this design is that you can use a 1/2″ sheet of plywood siding and it still holds itself rigid.

We caulk the seams and screw holes and paint it.  Everything together comes to less than 90 dollars, including the latch, hinges and paint.

Happy Door Building!

My Favorite Drill

One of the benefits from being in the remodeling/handyman business for many years is being able to sample a wide variety of tools!

  I have tried many many cordless drills and this is my favorite so far.  It’s great for daily moderate to heavy use.


Click here for a link to Lowe’s version of this product.

(It is also available in other hardware stores)

The lightweight feel and triple-no-shadow LED lights make this a product that you will never tire of using!  It is also an impact-style of drill and can drive 3 inch drywall screws into a 2×4 with ease.

   It can get quite loud, but the benefits far outweigh the advantages.


I use this adapter, works quite well,

(it is also available in other stores)

I use this chuck for quick-connecting conventional drill bits when needed…

  The only drawback I have ever found is that if you use it more than 30 minutes straight, it can get quite hot in your hand where the skin between your thumb and forefinger meet.  I have come home many times with my skin red from use and now have some pretty good callouses!

  Overall I would highly recommend this product…

Happy Drilling!

A Gallon of Paint and Some Scraping

It’s amazing what a 24 dollar gallon of paint and a little elbow grease will do…


This old shed was an eyesore, but with just an hour and a half of work and a few dollars for paint….even the neighbors are happier!

shed 2

“Happy Scraping”

Rot Repair Trick (Siding)

Siding has a tendency to rot along the bottom where rain splashes up and moistens the bottom of the wood that normally does not get painted.  In the picture below you can see an extreme example of this.

rot 1 (2)


When the budget is small, there is a way around changing out the entire sheet of siding and it can also prevent further damage to the house.  In the picture below, you can see where we went over the rot with treated 1×4’s and it now looks like it belongs there.

rot 1

You must take care to caulk the top edge really well so additional water does not penetrate, and also make sure when you cover the rot that there are no openings that ants or other small insects can get through.   Take care to paint the UNDERSIDE of the board as well that faces the ground so it will keep it from rotting in the future.

“Happy Fixin”

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