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Toilet drain repair

The builders at this house in Keller, Tx had installed the drain to the toilet incorrectly so they installed an offset to position the toilet correctly.  This affected the flow out of the toilet and caused it to back up repeatedly.   So the repair was to jackhammer all of it out, remove the bends and bring it back up to its full capacity.

Rotted Floor Repair

We repaired this rotted floor in a house in Fort Worth.  Water head started leaking under the toilet where a previous contractor had added flooring without removing the toilet.

Starting tearout

The toilet not being removed when the new floor was installed acted like a dam and caused the leaking water to run between the original floor and the newer subfloor without anyone knowing anything about it until the floor started buckling!

Kilz on top

We removed the toilet, cleaned out everything that was rotted or damp, sprayed it down with stain blocker primer (in this case Kilz), then built the floor back up level.


The end result was as if it had never happened!   It’s good to really watch the people you hire to make sure they are properly doing their job, do some research and look to see if they’re following industry standards…


“Happy Cleaning”

-Scott McDonald

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