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Glass Repair

One of my least favorite jobs due to the risk factor is working with glass!  I don’t do it often, but when a window is built a certain way, we can work with it.. And large panes are completely out of the question!!



Today we are working on our sixth storm damage job from severe weather that rolled through a couple weeks ago.  From downed trees to downed fences to missing shingles… We’ve had a bit of everything!


Rotted Floor

If you ever detect soft spots in your floor, it pays to investigate and find what is causing the problem…


In this case, we found a lot of mold and just plain grossness under the top layer of flooring!  It was a very good thing that the house was vacant at the time, because the repairs were extensive.


The entire floor ended up being replaced, new decking was installed and new industrial tile was added


The finished product was not too bad, some of the glue oozed up as it was walked on because the very cold conditions did not allow it to dry for a while, but a little cleaning remedied that problem and it cured after a couple days.

Always check when there may be a problem!!

Rotted Floor Repair

We repaired this rotted floor in a house in Fort Worth.  Water head started leaking under the toilet where a previous contractor had added flooring without removing the toilet.

Starting tearout

The toilet not being removed when the new floor was installed acted like a dam and caused the leaking water to run between the original floor and the newer subfloor without anyone knowing anything about it until the floor started buckling!

Kilz on top

We removed the toilet, cleaned out everything that was rotted or damp, sprayed it down with stain blocker primer (in this case Kilz), then built the floor back up level.


The end result was as if it had never happened!   It’s good to really watch the people you hire to make sure they are properly doing their job, do some research and look to see if they’re following industry standards…


“Happy Cleaning”

-Scott McDonald

Foundation Repair

While we do not do major foundation repair, sometimes we do minor repairs and leveling to homes that have shifted with the North Texas soil. This house had some floor issues where the beams under the house had shifted and were pushing outward.

The floor was pushing the sliding door and entire wall outward…
We dug far enough down to get under the house…

We used jacks and very long threaded 3/4 inch bolts to attach to solid bracing under the house, and used the power of the bolts tightening against the solid bracing to pull the side of the house back together.   Quite a heavy chore, but it worked!!

Here is the finished product after we filled the dirt back in.  It held itself in place and was a very cost-effective repair…
Happy Digging!!


Here is a backsplash I installed Friday


Started on a sheetrock wall, I sealed the edges with silicone


Starting the customers design


Pulled the plugs out to the front edge of the tile


Grouted it with white pre-mixed grout.  About a 5 hour process

from start to finish.

(Now we hope they paint the cabinets!)

Happy Backsplashing!

When you Don’t have a Truck

Yes, pretty sad, I know…  but this is how we roll…


Simple Shed Door

Here is an idea for a simple shed door, we built this a couple weeks ago to replace an old rotted door.


We only used one sheet of plywood siding and 8-1×4’s

I install these with the same 1×4 layout on the back as well as the front.  Then I use coated 1-5/8 inch screws through the front and back.  This gives it more stability but it is still not really heavy.

One of the neat things about this design is that you can use a 1/2″ sheet of plywood siding and it still holds itself rigid.

We caulk the seams and screw holes and paint it.  Everything together comes to less than 90 dollars, including the latch, hinges and paint.

Happy Door Building!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It’s one of those days… sleeting outside, popcorn ceiling coming down inside…
Two biggest tips to popcorn ceilings…1, lots and lots of plastic.  Few jobs get messier, I’d like to see Dirty Jobs do one… 2, Find someone to do it for you..unless you are really don’t mind getting dirty and have a lot of upper body strength for scraping over your head!


It can be done…we spray it down with a pump up spray bottle of water then carefully scrape it.  It’s easy to gouge it with a scraper.. Next we go over all the bumps and scrapes with sheetrock mud, normally a 40 minute mud so we can shoot it with texture the same day.
Just a cheep 50 dollar texture gun will do the trick, and it can be rented as well.
A corner of the ceiling can be shot several times and pulled back off with a sheetrock spatula until you get the desired look as you experiment with thicker and thinner mud.
More to follow…
Happy Muscle Building

Collapsed Ceiling (Think YOU had a bad day?)

Had this call a while back.  a good portion of the living room ceiling collapsed causing a huge mess.


It is interesting to note that we were suffering an extreme heat wave at the time of this disaster.  The only things we noted were seriously warped ceiling joist with sheetrock nails popping through the plaster.  This was probably aggravated due to the house standing without proper insulation for many years.  The house has gone through upgrades over the years, but not before the damage from years back had taken it’s toll.

It is a common problem to see this in garages, because many are not insulated.


If you ever see nail holes appearing in a ceiling or can detect bowing and warping in a ceiling, do not delay in checking out what the cause of the problem is.


As you can see in the picture, a disaster could have been avoided if the bowing had been noticed.

Extensive work had to be done, ceiling joist had to be cut out and replaced.  Most of the sheetrock had to be replaced and re-textured.

It helps to notice the small tell-tale signs!!

Happy Cleaning…

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