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Plumbing Repair

Working on a home today that had hot water coming from an exterior faucet!  We opened the wall and used quite a bit of pex pipe to connect it back right and now have cold water!

Kitchen Remodel

   A kitchen, dining and laundry room remodel in Springtown.  New cabinets, farmhouse sink, butcher block countertops, floor and subway tile backsplash.  The plumbing and electrical had to be reconfigured to accommodate the new configuration.  The customer is adding shelves above the sink at a later date.

Bathroom Remodel

Finished a bathroom remodel and along with an all new toilet and shower, the customer requested a completely custom countertop. Here is the finished result!

Sink Leak

Looking under a sink a few days ago, I found this….


A slow leak had caused the fitting to gradually rust then break.   This is a very easy fix, so below I added a photo of what the parts look like that are needed to make the repair…


In our case,  and in most cases, you do not need to buy the tailpiece, which is the white pipe.  The slip nut can be plastic or in some cases you can use metal as well.  (this only applies to the slip nut that attaches to the bottom of the strainer)

Make sure everything is very clean, remove the tailpiece and slip on the new nut, lay the tailpiece washer in place and tighten HAND TIGHT!!  Check all your slip nuts under the sink and make sure they are snug then test your water and look for leaks…

If water is coming from above the tailpiece washer….you have a whole ‘nother problem and a whole ‘nother blog!!

Happy Plumbing!

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