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Custom French Door

Here is a custom order French door we installed in Irving for a customer who was selling their home.  It was a full 8 feet wide!  We were in the process of priming and painting it when this picture was taken.

Collapsed Ceiling

I already posted about a ceiling collapse    here….

But just for fun….here’s another we did…


Pretty bad


I cannot stress enough that you need to pay attention to cracks and nail holes appearing in the ceiling.  Watch for bowing and warping as well.  You do NOT want this to happen!!


Getting going with the repairs


aaaand the finished product!!


Happy Cleaning!!

Rot Repair Trick (Siding)

Siding has a tendency to rot along the bottom where rain splashes up and moistens the bottom of the wood that normally does not get painted.  In the picture below you can see an extreme example of this.

rot 1 (2)


When the budget is small, there is a way around changing out the entire sheet of siding and it can also prevent further damage to the house.  In the picture below, you can see where we went over the rot with treated 1×4’s and it now looks like it belongs there.

rot 1

You must take care to caulk the top edge really well so additional water does not penetrate, and also make sure when you cover the rot that there are no openings that ants or other small insects can get through.   Take care to paint the UNDERSIDE of the board as well that faces the ground so it will keep it from rotting in the future.

“Happy Fixin”

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