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Collapsed Ceiling

I already posted about a ceiling collapse    here….

But just for fun….here’s another we did…


Pretty bad


I cannot stress enough that you need to pay attention to cracks and nail holes appearing in the ceiling.  Watch for bowing and warping as well.  You do NOT want this to happen!!


Getting going with the repairs


aaaand the finished product!!


Happy Cleaning!!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It’s one of those days… sleeting outside, popcorn ceiling coming down inside…
Two biggest tips to popcorn ceilings…1, lots and lots of plastic.  Few jobs get messier, I’d like to see Dirty Jobs do one… 2, Find someone to do it for you..unless you are really don’t mind getting dirty and have a lot of upper body strength for scraping over your head!


It can be done…we spray it down with a pump up spray bottle of water then carefully scrape it.  It’s easy to gouge it with a scraper.. Next we go over all the bumps and scrapes with sheetrock mud, normally a 40 minute mud so we can shoot it with texture the same day.
Just a cheep 50 dollar texture gun will do the trick, and it can be rented as well.
A corner of the ceiling can be shot several times and pulled back off with a sheetrock spatula until you get the desired look as you experiment with thicker and thinner mud.
More to follow…
Happy Muscle Building

Collapsed Ceiling (Think YOU had a bad day?)

Had this call a while back.  a good portion of the living room ceiling collapsed causing a huge mess.


It is interesting to note that we were suffering an extreme heat wave at the time of this disaster.  The only things we noted were seriously warped ceiling joist with sheetrock nails popping through the plaster.  This was probably aggravated due to the house standing without proper insulation for many years.  The house has gone through upgrades over the years, but not before the damage from years back had taken it’s toll.

It is a common problem to see this in garages, because many are not insulated.


If you ever see nail holes appearing in a ceiling or can detect bowing and warping in a ceiling, do not delay in checking out what the cause of the problem is.


As you can see in the picture, a disaster could have been avoided if the bowing had been noticed.

Extensive work had to be done, ceiling joist had to be cut out and replaced.  Most of the sheetrock had to be replaced and re-textured.

It helps to notice the small tell-tale signs!!

Happy Cleaning…

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